Dear God it’s been too long since I’ve connected with all of you. Work has been crazy but magnificent. I’ve finally gotten through a few books. I’m alive and missing all of you. I promise I’m working to do better, it’s just figuring out a new routine. Change is hard and being and adult sometimes means putting your favorite stuff last. *sigh*

Chauncey, If you’re reading this, I’ll be sending you my ideas for excerpts tomorrow (later today??). I super enjoyed Happily but feel like I could have a passionate debate about fairytale retelling label. 🙂

Matt, I promise I’ve started The Fallen Kind and am already intrigued by the dueling pairs of characters. Also, I love that you said “That’s brilliant” to me in an email like forever ago because I got to hang out with some Brits (Englishwomen?) on my most recent business trip and, like any awful American, love phrases like that. Not related to your book, but they also commented about someone being “wrecked” after a long trip and it made my week.

Jaffrey and Cage, I have you on my list. I could never forget either of you, but it might be a bit longer. So sorry for this!

Blogs I follow, I miss you all so much. I can only hope I’ll get the chance to read through all of the wonderful things I’ve missed soon!!

11 thoughts on “For-ev-er

  1. Haha, you’re probably right that I could use a new label for this one–it’s perhaps not a retelling, but a backdoor telling…. Although “retelling” might be a better label for a super secret work-in-progress yet to be announced sequel…. But that’s just the yet-to-be-confirmed word on the street.

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