The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

Sarah’s a strong woman, a badass defense attorney, and a loving wife. Her life, if a but consumed by work, is still happy. Until she gets a call to come to the Sheriff’s Station in the small town in which her vacation home resides. Why? Her husband has been picked up for murdering his mistress. How is Sarah supposed to sort through being cheated on and potentially living with a murderer without realizing any of it while building a defense? That’s exactly what this story is about.

Some things I didn’t love:

  • There’s a weird will they/won’t they thing with Sarah and the sheriff investigating the crime. I honestly didn’t really understand why it went there. It would be like him using her first name instead of her last name or giving her a look and she’d be all up in her feels about why he was acting that way. If felt forced and added nothing to the storyline, in my opinion.
  • There’s a scene in the book where drunk/tired Sarah orgasms maybe from a visitor? It was like the first season of American Horror Story sex scene via a ghost. There was nothing leading up to it and no mention after that to it, so… *shrug*
  • I feel like the book was too short. It really tried to build up to some big moments, but they didn’t seem developed enough to have the suspense needed to be impactful. Info started to become apparent a few pages before it came to a head. If there was more development of the characters, I think we could have had a real page turner. As it was, though, it felt a little disappointing.

Now, some things I did love:

  • The idea of the book is awesome. I really enjoyed the defending her husband, even though it’s entirely unrealistic. It brought up some good situations where she doesn’t want to talk with him because she’s upset as his wife, but needs to as his attorney, so that’s some good tension right there.
  • A lot happens. While I think taking longer to really dive into each aspect the author was trying to cover would’ve been more successful, I still really enjoyed the aspects that were touched on.
  • It keeps you guessing. While I thought (and actually did) have it mostly figured out by the end of the book, there was enough chaos to keep you from feeling overly confident on any guesses you may have had on what was going to be the outcome.

In the end, I’m a little sad that this wasn’t everything I feel like it could be, BUT I also am glad I read it. It’s a good idea, with a flushed out plot, some drama, and some twists. If you like a mystery, give it a go.

Until next time: Stay safe. Share love. Read books.

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