Salvation by Cassie Hargrove

Ok kids, we got through the series. Typically, I’d give a plot summary and a few things I like and didn’t like, but this last one’s gonna be a little different because I kind of am on a soapbox as I closed out this tetralogy.

Both “twists” I anticipated did occur, so that was a disappointing “let’s all be happy” ending attempt for the book which was meh, but also I like a happy ending, so I guess I can’t be that mad at it.

More importantly is this: the book centers around 7 different men who were abused as children and now live with demons in them due to the abuse and lack of caring from anyone only to find themselves with this girl who is their “savior.” The problem is that this “savior” screams at them, threatens them with violence, and slaps them when she’s unhappy with their decisions or behavior. I’m not sure about anyone else, but that feels like these poor guys finding themselves still drawn to an abusive relationship.

I didn’t mention it in the earlier books because it was few and far between and I hoped that we’d resolve this terrible choice for communication in a relationship, but it increased as we moved through the final installment. Even if the guys decided they enjoy this interaction, the children in the epilogue would end up witnessing this and believing this is how healthy relationships work, furthering the cycle of violence.

I get it, none of this book is realistic, but I feel like the one thing in all of these is that the relationships/love should be magically and slapping and screaming threats directly into someone’s face just doesn’t have the ambiance I’m typically looking for.

Stop rambling, everyone gets it… in conclusion, I don’t think I’d go for the series. I hate being overly harsh, but… well, you can read the reviews and see what I think. Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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