Seduction by Cassie Hargrove

I did a thing… and it was read all of book 2 in the Deadly Seven series yesterday. It was part, I had nothing to do at work and part I couldn’t sleep last night due to noisy neighbors.

In book 2, we get more into relationships with the guys and the conflict with Dmitri, our bad guy. She learns more about the backstories of some of the guys to understand the why behind the way they behave which is interesting and there’s a lot more sex.

Honestly, there’s not a ton more to it than that, so we’ll dive into some details…

Didn’t loves:

  • With almost no interaction between her and one of the guys, she’s suddenly banging them in somewhere like a bathroom telling them she loves them. I get it, the author can’t describe everything between 8 people, but illustrating at least that they’ve spoken one on one prior to boning would be a good start.
  • Some of the backstories have build up like “I haven’t even told my brothers everything that’s happened” and I gotta be honest, the “big” reveal was like hm.
  • Haliee’s bestie randomly shows up for five seconds in the book. It’s like there needed to be a moment in the book that could pass the Bechdel test and this was that token moment. She literally doesn’t even think about her friend once until she gets a text from her and then immediately stops thinking about her again.
  • Editing. Please just proofread even one more time.

Did loves:

  • The guys do extreme things for our main character. While I don’t think there’s great build up into why they’re this attached, the actions do seem to be in line with personalities.
  • Steamy factor. Obviously, someone goes into a reverse harem novel knowing there’s gonna be extra naughtiness, so at least you get your fill of that.
  • Action. There’s always something going on. It might make you scratch your head, but at least it’s not boring.

Overall, I still don’t think this is a high quality series, but it’s at least entertaining. I did download and start book three. I’m a little curious how we’re stretching this into four books, but I guess we’ll all learn together. Strap in folks, because that will probably happen in one the scenes to come anyway. 😉

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