Find Me by Ashley N. Rostek

I’ll be honest, the cover drew me in on this book. I got a little bit into it and realized that there might be multiple love interests. I went back, checked, and confirmed that this is a reverse harem love story. Before we dive into it, can we just talk about the “reverse harem” name? Why are women forced to just reverse the male word for multiple lovers? I feel like we should make our own word. I, obviously, wouldn’t bring this up without my own suggestion: MANagerie. Have a better option? Read the review and let me know in the comments.

Our story focuses on Shiloh, our main character as she moves into a home she purchased with her family’s money while trying to settle into her life in witness protection. She meets her neighbors, four hot brothers, who live next door and they hit it off immediately. The book focuses on her growing relationship with the guys and how she handles her secrets while navigating high school.

First things first: a few things I didn’t love…

  • Our girl is WAY too naive for her age. She’s 18 and doesn’t realize when a guy goes down on her he’s gonna get horny? Um, no. It’s not cute; it’s just annoying.
  • She’s immediately accepted into the “in” crowd. She has some trials at school about this, but, in my experience, this is not how high school works.
  • Her uncle head hunting as a US Marshall seems weird. Maybe I just don’t understand what they actually do, but I think something like the FBI would be hunting nationwide serial killers? Also, if she’s in Witness Protection, why is she using her real first name?

Now for the good stuff:

  • The boys are hot. Yes, it’s a book not a movie. Yes, I picture hotties in my head. ‘Nough said.
  • I think the progression of her relationship with each guy seems fairly believable, if you ignore the whole managerie (unlike fetch, we’re making it happen) situation.
  • There’s some drama, but it’s not necessarily with her and the guys’ interaction. It’s nice to have some functional relationships in a book like this. Drama doesn’t have to come from unhealthy relationships, people.

Overall, I, a 35 year old woman who knows better, stayed up WAY too late reading the first book in this duet late into the night and hated myself at work today. Am I probably doing it again to finish the second? Because I apparently have no good judgement, yeah. If you’re into manageries and a little bit of suspense, I’d go for it!

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