Winter or Restlessness?

They say Seasonal Affective Disorder is a thing, and I absolutely believe them. They also say people in sunny climates have trouble dealing with unpleasant emotions. It seems no matter where you live, you can’t win on that front. But, for me, I feel this restlessness… an unhappiness I can’t quite pin. Is it anxiety? Depression? Winter? Age? I honestly have no clue.

I started this blog to focus on books and LOVED when I was really into it. I started an amazing job, but one that took up A LOT of time. I didn’t have time anymore between commute and work to keep up with everything and the blog fell by the wayside. They say you make time for what’s important, but how does one truly sort out what’s important when?

I feel like “they” say a lot, but I don’t think “they” always offer reasonable ways to handle all of these situations, feelings, transitions… I’m not sure what to call them.

I’ve felt a huge push to come back to the blog, but not the same push to read voraciously that I typically have. I also have felt a huge push to change jobs. How do you know when is the right time to do something new and when is the time to buckle down and realize that sometimes life feels boring? How do you realize that maybe you’re letting noise get in the way of making time for the right things? And if you realize it, how do you get out of that rut?

Maybe all of this is just a really weird way to force me into putting “pen to paper” and restarting something I loved to bring more life into my life. No matter what, just getting this out somewhere feels like a good start in some way.


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