The Frame-Up by Meghan Scott Molin

I know what you’re all thinking… Michelle hasn’t posted about a fantasy series in a while… and now she’s posting about a mystery???? It’s ok, hold your panic. I’m fine… we’ll, as fine as any of us book addicts are, amiright? *wink*

MG Martin goes about her life, working on comics, dying her hair crazy colors, hanging with friends, and feeling held back in her male dominated field. Insert a chance encounter with a cute detective working on a comic inspired crime. Can MG help solve the crime and win the guy?

Ok, before my loves/didn’t loves, I have one over arching thought: Kindle keeps shoving this in the romance section and feels decidedly mystery focused to me. Stop misrepresenting books, Amazon! Deep breath… aaaaand, moving on.

Some things I loved…

  • MG is killin’ it in a field where men make up the majority… by a large margin. She refuses to let this dictate what she can or can’t do and works to redefine stereotypes, albeit somewhat misguidedly.
  • It kept me guessing! I suspected basically everyone at some point. It was so fun feeling suspicious. I saw that another book in the series is scheduled for release, so I’m super excited to see if some of my other hunches are correct. Plus…
  • MG’s stream of consciousness is funny. Her thoughts are constant snark and it made me chuckle throughout the story. I appreciate her wit, and her willingness to grow.
  • Character growth is a real thing in this book. As the story unfolds, MG learns key insights and allows herself to go there. I really like that she’s strong enough to recognize when she’s got work to do and actually does the work.

We get it, you loved a lot.


But, there were a few things I didn’t love…

  • There is some swoon worthy action between the detective and our heroine, but it’s hardly there. I like that it’s a subtle undercurrent and super hope it continues in book 2, but felt like where they as a couple ended hadn’t necessarily been developed for the reader. I’m willing to own this could be only me, but this is my blog, so you’re a little bit stuck reading it.
  • There’s a past relationship pop up and MG holds it together fairly well. It honestly felt out of character for her. She seems rash; quick to anger and quick to burn out, so her mostly level headed approach rang a little false for me.

Honestly, there are so many other items in the “love” category that I’m still itching to go back and add, BUT I’m trying to leave some mystery (see what I did there?) to encourage you to go read the book. Because you should!

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