War by Jennifer Anne Davis

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I finished the True Reign series. Feel free to catch up by checking out my review of The Key and Red.

The final installment finds our friends traveling to Emperion to ensure that Rema not only lives through her kidnapping, but is able to take her rightful place reigning over her people.

I know we’re all anxious to get to the nitty gritty, so, a few things I loved:

  • Both Rema and Darmik stay focused on what’s important. Yes, they’re in love, but they both understand duty and take it seriously. I appreciate them both keeping it together as they try to overthrow an army and some rulers… like you do on the regular.
  • There were some attempts at twists and turns. I appreciate when there is some deviation from the path getting you to the end.

And a few things I didn’t love:

  • Loose ends… kinda. We learn some stuff about Trell, never have a moment for that to come totally full circle. How the kingdom is doing under Rema? Updates on that aren’t included in the Epilogue. It just feels like there was a bunch of stuff surrounding a love story but only one thread gets finalized.
  • Darmik would end up way more frustrated with Rema. He’s the Commander of an Army, used to being in charge, he’d struggle at least some with a woman just taking over. She outranks him literally overnight. His go-to reaction would not be “she’s adorable” without any battle of wills. It feels like we missed out on character growth here.
  • Predictable. I felt like even the twists and turns were kind of predictable. Who, if anyone, lives or dies… I feel like you knew the list before the end. Ditto for the how on some this, too. The writing isn’t bad, it just followed expectations and, apparently, I was in the mood to be surprised for this series.

My final thoughts? If you want to read about royalty, knights in shining armor, and a girl regaining her birthright, you should go for it. If you’re hoping for something outside those expectations, I’d skip this one.

Have any thoughts on this series? Totally disagree with my ramblings? Let me know; I’d love to discuss!

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