Preach. by Stylo Fantome

Long hiatus… many apologies… life gets in the way of life sometimes.  I’ve honestly been devouring books like it’s my job.  I wish it were.  I’ve been so obsessed with keeping my mind busy that even stopping to blog felt like too much of a break.  Anyway…

Preach. is book two in the Church. Duet.  I think we all remember how excited I was by the first book.  I LOVED that book.  It was dark and delicious.

This book very much falls into those categories, but it didn’t blow me away the same way Church. did.  Sigh.  Maybe my expectations were too high?  Let’s think about it together, friends.

Didn’t Loves:

  • Our main characters felt a little less multi-faceted in this book.  Well, Church felt flat in this book.  He was confusing.  I get that he was growing, but it felt just confusing.  And not “confusing because the character is confused.”  More like we couldn’t land on how he was really tackling issues anymore.  Was he still using Emma to get what he wanted?  Was he developing feelings for her?  I’m still not entirely sure and wish I either knew or felt conflicted because it was purposeful.
  • Emma and Church felt a little killery just to kill toward the end.  Maybe they were supposed to?  It felt to contradict the killing specific people theme from the first book and/or beginning of this one.


  • Some of the auxiliary characters help add some surprises toward the end of this book.  There are enough crumbs you probably get there on your own, but I still loved this addition to the plot.
  • Even though every part of you wants and DOES feel horrified by these two, you still root for them in a weird way.  I love that icky feeling of conflict.  It’s kind of the beauty of this story.

Even thought book two felt like kind of a let down from the first, I still highly recommend checking these out.  I enjoyed the read and this may be one of those I come back and read again in a year because you know you’ll enjoy it and find even more little things to connect together.

Happy reading, friends!

3 thoughts on “Preach. by Stylo Fantome

  1. I do love a good “icky feeling of conflict”! Ha ha! Although, it’s always worrying when “Don’t Loves” come first… This does sound like an interesting series!
    I also completely understand about life getting in the way and blogging feeling like too much of an effort… I’m in the boat myself. I definitely haven’t been on my A Game this season! Too much going on, too little time. Even though I’m still reading, taking the time to actually write the post and visit and comment on other blogs had kind of taken a back seat lately…

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