The Girl Who Dared to Fight by Bella Forrest

It took me so long to read the final book. I honestly thought I knew exactly how the series would end, and, I kind of did…


I went through a few unexpected turns to get there.  I was traveling for business when I decided plane time equaled me finally finishing the series.  I’ll be honest, feeling shook (even momentarily) while traveling with your boss’ boss’ boss is maybe not the most clever I’ve ever been.

Luckily, I got unshook with where our friends ended, and the trip went well, so all’s well that ends well.

I honestly can’t give you a ton of details in our final installment of the series.  We have some epic battles, some unexpected turns, some very expected turns, some friends we lose… some we save.  It’s a fitting conclusion to a 7 book series.

To be honest, I felt like the end got a little bit weird.  It was the first moment that I thought, “I’m further into the Sci-Fi realm than I thought I was.”  Obviously, this is a personal assessment and others may feel like it took too long to land firmly in that camp.  It wasn’t bad, but I felt somewhat unprepared for it since the rest of the book only skirted around it.

Also, there are spoilers to The Gender Game starting around book 5 of this series.  A heads up would’ve been nice.

Finally, I thought I knew how it would it.  It took a definite turn from what I expected, then I desperately wished for it to get back to what I was expecting.  It kind of did, and then I was disappointed that it did???

Basically, I’m THE WORST reader in the world because I literally wasn’t happy either way.  I’m a terrible person.


In conclusion, I loved some of the book.  I hated some of the book.  I laughed and definitely cried.  Having finished this about two weeks ago, I’ve had time to think on my recommendation.  I’m not sorry I read it, but I’m not entirely sure I would choose to read it again.

So – you read 7… that’s right, 7 of these reviews for me to give you a maybe.  I’m sorry, but it feels the most honest?

Keep reading friends!!  No matter the book.  🙂

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