The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I read the first book in this “series” what feels like forever ago.  I think this one was released, but I would’ve had to pay for it, and, to be honest, I already pay for two book subscription services, so I try to not buy a ton of books outside of those as well.  I still happens, but I was a patient girl in this instance, and was able to read this on Scribd this weekend.

The series (only two books long so far) follows Tess, a girl with her own complicated life as she joins a private school for DC’s elite and becomes a “fixer” a la Olivia in Scandal.  She helps give voice to those who need it, and take down others who deserve some retribution.  She’s smart with a fairly good head on her shoulders and is an interesting teen to follow as she sticks her nose where it doesn’t always belong.

Ok, the first book was charming and really drew you in.  Book two is like a powerhouse punch follow up.  With any book, there were some things I loved, and a few things I didn’t.

  • I felt like this installment of Tess’ adventures was a little unrealistic.  What I enjoyed about the first book is that although there was a kidnapping, most of the book felt realistic.  It makes sense that a school of highly influential people’s children would work similarly to DC in who rules the school, etc.  This one had some of that in it, but a lot of what felt more like shock and awe and less of the twists that pull you deeper into the story.
  • Tess’ makes the right choices.  Although she frequently charges into situations with her emotions leading her, when it really counts, she sorts out how she feels from what needs to be done.
  • The books are fun.  Not overly realistic, but still a fun read.  Tess and her friends are silly teenagers with some big things that hang over their heads due to their parents, but they each bring baggage and strengths that help them ban together to deal with their lives.

I may not have enjoyed book two as much as book one, but I still think these books are fun.  Definitely a good read for any teen girl you know who enjoys stories about strong girls who don’t spend all day pining for guys.

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