Until Sunset by Erin Bedford

Ok friends, I’ve written a few reviews this weekend and scheduled them to get me back in the swing of things.  To be honest, I read this awhile ago and should have written about it then, but here we are.

We know my big issue with these books is that, although the non-stop action is exciting, it leaves like zero room for true development. The start of this book really gave me hope.  Clara starts talking about her home, she even escapes and you get a slight slow in pace.  I thought, “Yay, we’re going to back track and get some details.”  Alas, it was short lived my friends.  So, in the hopes of not boring you to tears by repeating myself, I’m going to skipped loves because there weren’t really anymore than the action is fun.

There were additional hates though…

  • There’s a fight scene… or at least we’re set up for one.  And then we get like one description of one encounter.
  • During the fight scene, all of the tension built up with some of Clara’s enemies is kind of ignored.  What a let down.  I was ready for this to get gritty and good!
  • After the rushed fight scene, there’s maybe a page of the plight of surviving outside the castle without dying and the book then ends.

I was left totally dissatisfied with the book and the series overall.  They felt rushed.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the plot overall would’ve been good.  But it was the outline without a lot filled in.  I felt like a got a skeleton with some of the muscles added on, but none of it was fleshed out into a full story.  Sadly, my friends, I would steer clear of this series.  It left me wishing I’d picked up something else.

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