Until Dawn by Erin Bedford

I have a book schedule and have been horrible about actually following it. Usually I’m a list writing, rule follower, but apparently the rebellion is strong the last couple of weeks. BUT, at least I’m still reading/reviewing. So, winning, amiright??

Anyway, Until Dawn in the 2nd book in the Crimson Fold Series. Check out my review of Until Midnight to get caught up.

In book 2, Clara works to come up with a plan to expose the Crimson Fold before her wedding/conversion date with the leader of her country, Patrick. Too bad her fellow Glade member, Marsha, makes some rash decisions and makes his feelings for her obvious to everyone. Will Patrick be able to save her? Will she be able to save herself? Will her countrymen ever find out the truth?

I feel like I waited forever for this installment to come out! Sadly, I felt like it suffered a lot of the “didn’t loves” from my last post. Let’s outline:

  • The story doesn’t do a lot to build in descriptions. It keeps the action moving forward which is really engaging, but I really would’ve loved even more built in between events.
  • Clara is so wish washy. She could’ve had feelings for Patrick if it wasn’t for Marsha, but she’s never thought about Marsha that way before, but she really wishes she’d kissed Marsha because she thinks she likes him, but she can’t tell because Patrick is on her mind. Because we don’t go deep into either side, it’s hard to feel the tension for her on this front. And, believe me, I wanted to. We all know I live for romantic tension in any book.

Ok, enough griping. I’m still into it enough to read the next book. So what did I love?

  • Even if we’re missing some world building, etc. Erin Bedford does keep the plot moving forward at an epic pace. It’s a quick read because you don’t want to put it down.
  • Although, I find Clara’s feelings lacking depth for either guy, I still super want Patrick to be redeemed and her to find love. So there’s that.
  • It’s like Twilight meets Hunger Games meets The Selection Series. I didn’t necessarily love all three of these series, but it’s an interesting mash of topics.

Honestly, I’m all in for Until Sunset (book 3), but depending on how that ends, I’m not sure how I feel about recommending the series as a whole. I wouldn’t say don’t read it at this point, but it’s not my favorite either.

One thought on “Until Dawn by Erin Bedford

  1. Excellent review, Michelle. I like how you give both sides – it makes for a nice balance. Wishy-washy is a concern since I like strong characters, but the fast pace is appealing. Thanks for the recommendation!

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