Awkward by Lily Kate

I’m finally writing a review!!! … Are we shocked that it’s romance? If anyone is, we should really talk. We all know it’s my go-to “get out of a funk” genre. And this funk’s book removal of choice is Awkward by Lily Kate.

Jack Darcy is a talented, intelligent, and very rich surgeon. But he’s hella awkward. Like, struggles getting through a first date without getting a drink thrown at him awkward. Fortunately, he has lifelong bestie, Allie Jenkins to school him in the ways of love in what she calls Romance Academy. The problem they don’t foresee is the potential for their BFF and now student-teacher relationship moving uncharted territory: lovers.

First, I missed reading so much that I will say part of me wonders if I loved this book a bunch or was just riding a book high after terrible dry spell. It may be a little true, but I still think the book was solid for the romance, HEA type we all know I love.

A few things I could’ve lived without:

  • Why do books about love insist on stealing Darcy’s name?!? We all know how I feel about people as a whole reading Pride and Prejudice as a love story from my V Day rant, and although the book made a couple amusing jokes about it. I’m over it.
  • I think at one point they reference Dr. Darcy as being an orthopedic surgeon but then it doesn’t seem to fit what they talk about him doing later. In all fairness, I’m not a surgeon expert so this could be my own lack of knowledge.

Some things I enjoyed:

  • While I feel like the world is either exploding with fake fiancée books (or maybe Facebook just thinks they’re my fave?), I love Friends to Lovers romances the best. And this one is so cute. There’s a lot of consideration for how change could effect their relationship. That, paired with some glaring blind spots these two have (which I think are realistic), allows for a fairly believable storyline and timeline.
  • The whole nosy friends thing is funny and true. She’s trying to set him up, her best girlfriend is trying to set her up, parents are trying to set up dates. I do this with my best single friend all the time. Maybe that points more to me being a meddlesome friend than this book being hyper realistic, but in my case it struck a chord of accuracy, so I’m calling it a win.

In summary, I shouldn’t go that long without reading a book ever again. And if you need a quick read pick-me-up, I’d definitely give this book a go.

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