Boy!  I should’ve done a WAY better job at anticipating this first week at my new job being a killer!  In the best way possible.  I met a TON of new people from all of our locations at the leadership conference, got fully indoctrinated just by watching the example the top leaders set through the tone and theme of the week, and didn’t get around to anything but trying to keep everything straight and sleeping.

That means I totally neglected all of you!


I could spend a ton of time lamenting on how I’ll never do it again, but I’m pretty sure I will.  So!  I’m going to own it and move on.

moving on

In that theme, I’ll have a book review for you tomorrow, and, although I probably won’t be able to read quite as many books with my new role and the longer commute, I’ll still be here.  Trucking along.  Reading your blogs.  Writing at you.  And loving every minute of it.  Hope everyone had an awesome week and a relaxing Sunday!

13 thoughts on “Woops!

  1. YOU’RE ALIVE! I was actually starting to get worried! I’m glad it’s just job related. (I’m writing this now from my job when I should go back to work. Lol! I was just glad to see you back!) I’m glad your 1st week was good and you’re forgiven any time you ignore us! I WAS beginning to wonder what you were up to though! 😄

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