Reading Challenge Updates

I promised myself I’d update all of you at the beginning of the month.  We haven’t hit the middle mark of February yet, so we’ll call it even.  🙂

I joined two challenges for 2018.  This marks the first time I’ve ever participated in a reading challenge at all, so hopefully I didn’t set myself up to fail miserably.

First, the A to Z Reading Challenge.  I think I’m doing pretty well for being in January and having finished 10 letters of the required 26.

A to Z Reading Challenge

The Rules: Read at least one book with a title that starts with each of the 26 letters in the English alphabet

My Progress: 10 of 26 books

letter a letter f letter g letter hletter p img_2493 S letter tfancy_w_by_apeliotus letter u

Second, the Read Around North America Challenge.  I’ve done a much less spectacular job of staying on track with this one. If any of you authors that have such amazing books could be from one of the countries I need to get, that would be super helpful to me.  Thanks in advance!!

Read Around the World Challenge

Read Around North America

The Rules: Read at least one book from an author from each of the 23 countries in North America

My Progress: 2 of 23 books

US Flag Flag_of_Mexico

Does anyone have any books they can recommend to help me catch up on my Read Around North America challenge?  All suggestions welcome and appreciated.  Thanks, friends and Happy Thursday!

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