The Girl Who Dared to Lead by Bella Forrest

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I had my calendar marked for the release of this book.  I feel like I’ve gotten to know Liana.  She’s a friend.  One that frustrates me, annoys me, makes me laugh, makes me proud, and definitely one I’m rooting for.  In this installment, Liana deals with the death of her mother while also beginning her role as Champion.  She has to navigate how her competitors may feel since she didn’t win the Tourney, but still won the votes; who she can trust as the suspects of the rogue Legacy group trying to undermine the Tower (their home) grows, and her growing attraction to Leo, the AI stuck in her boyfriend’s body as he helps heal Grey’s mind.

Honestly, I’m torn.  I like the series, but it feels a little bit like its being dragged out to sell books at this point?  We now know it’s going to be a 7 book series, and I’m all in for the final 2, but this book felt like it covered like 2 days, and we really got nowhere.  It was frustrating because I want the gang to succeed.  Details (but not too many), Michelle, they want some details.

Fine.  Some things I didn’t love…

  • Each of the book titles really feel like the tap into the portion of the story within that book.  I didn’t feel that at all in this book.  Her finally getting to lead made me so excited for her to rally people and sow the roots of change.  She led no one new and even threatened a couple of people into submission.  Not exactly the leadership style I’d been expecting from our heroine.
  • Basically nothing happened.  We ended on a cliffhanger, so I know some things happened, but I feel like we are still in exactly the same spot we were in at the end of the last book.  I’m open for differing opinions on this because I realize it’s not an entirely accurate description.  It’s just that it feels that way.  The wind is out of my sails after this read. 😦

Enough with the Debbie Downer… what worked for the book?

  • Liana and Leo! I still love this pair so much.  They do explore their feelings a little bit more in this book.  The conflict of not knowing what might happen when between them is torturous and delicious.  Then, if something does happen, it’s extra sweet.
  • The gang.  Liana’s group of friends is seriously awesome.  They support her without being asked and without expecting anything in return.  Liana loves Grey, her boyfriend that started with the group and is now injured, and they’re on board.  Grey’s down for the count right now, and Liana may be feeling stuff for Leo but doesn’t want to talk about it.  They’re down with it.  Liana thinks she may have feelings for Leo and maybe does a few awkward things about it.  They’re not judging, and are happy for her to boot.  She needs to talk?  They’re there.  She needs to not talk?  They’re there.  Yay for some friendship that is based solely on helping each other be their best selves and not what one can glean from it.  I like that.

Overall, I still think the series is solid.  Obviously, it’s hard to say for sure if the whole series is up to snuff without the ending yet, but I think it’s salvageable.

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