New Job!

Hi all

So… I got a new job!  Yay!

Unfortunately, it’s not reading and blogging all day, so sad face, BUT it is back in a field I love and managing people which I also love.  (I’m a nice manager, I promise.)


I’m starting just in time for this company’s annual leadership conference which is cool because I’ll get to meet the rest of the leadership team from around the globe on my second day.  Pretty awesome way to start off.  The real win is this:

HR calls with some updates to get me prepped and ready for my start date.  One of which is this: the company has the leadership team read at least one book a year to discuss at this conference to help with employee engagement and moving the organization forward together.  I repeat: they actually are paying me to read a book and discuss the merits with a group of people.


Am I in heaven?  I think I may have died… and apparently I did at least well enough to pass on to a place with books.  Phew!

Yay company that encourages reading!  Happy Friday everyone!

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