I told myself I wasn’t going to geek out over arbitrary progress markers, but then Nicole from The BookWorm Drinketh re-blogged a post from Irina at I Drink and watch Anime about having plenty of good company in the “geeking out” area.  So, I’m caving to my inner child that craves outward approval and celebrating.  Thanks everyone!  I feel super special.  The extra weird part of me longs to dive even deeper into why any one person feels the need for such validation, but we’ll leave that for future Michelle to deal with.  Until then, it’s party time!

party time

Just kidding!  We all know my party time looks WAY more like this:

real party time

Until next time, friends!


7 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with a little validation! We all work hard on our blogs and it’s nice to know that people care about our work every now and again… Plus, a celebration calls for a drink, so CHEERS MICHELLE! May you get many more followers!! 🍻

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