Quirky Characters – Jason Fransico

Robert does this weekly (I think), and I absolutely love reading about the character he creates and then getting the chance to decide their fate. I’ll be honest, friends, I took this one to a dark place. I blame Chauncey Rogers’ Home to Roost still being stuck in my head. You should check out Robert’s post and his site. Enjoy!

Robert C Hartwell

Jason Fransico


Appearance:  Jason is balding with white hair, but is letting it go naturally.  He thinks people who dye their hair are scared of death.  He is slightly overweight, but not overly so.  He wears collared shirts and slacks every day, even when he’s staying home.  He has a slightly large nose, but apart from that, he is almost completely generic looking.

Background:  Jason has led a completely simple and bland life.  He grew up with a mother cooking and cleaning at home, and a father who worked 9-5 but still managed to make his little league games.  He had several friends, not too many but he was rarely alone.  He did all right in school, not the top of his class, but never doing poorly enough to cause trouble.

He enjoyed baseball and football, and while he never excelled he played regularly.  He took up the trumpet…

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