Unfriended by Deana Farrady

So, I actually finished this before I read Royal Threat, but… new release that I was dying for?  Sorry; I had to tell the world how that turned out first.

Unfriended is a friends to lovers romance that tells the story of Charis, a brainy “older” girl that finds a kindred spirit in a friend’s younger brother, Asher.  When they’re younger, Asher is open in his feelings for Charis.  But being turned away by the 18 year old girl of his dreams, a 14 year old Asher vows to make himself irresistible to women.  Now the only question is, if he’s successful, will he want Charis again?

While this book is not necessarily a raunchy romance, there is some very free language used by Mr. Asher.  I’m no prude, but part of me wonders if boys really think in their own heads like he does.  If they do, I’m not surprised they stay quiet so much.

A few things I didn’t love…

  • Charis and Asher’s voices feel VERY similar.  If he’s a “stud” and she’s a “geek” as the cover outlines, I would expect their thoughts, etc to be fairly different.  We do see some differences, like she rambles on weird tangents, but they’re both incredibly dirty.  It felt legit for Asher, but less so for Charis.
  • They make a big deal out of 4 years age difference.  Obviously when she’s 18 and he’s 14, that is a big deal, but now that they’re in college, this feels inconsequential.  I know this was part of the conflict they had to work through, but it’s hard for me to believe someone in this day and age would be that hung up on 4 years when you’re both of legal drinking age.

A few things I did love…

  • We know that I typically HATE when books become self-aware and break the 4th wall.  I think this is the first time I’ve actually felt it was done well.  I almost never use quotes, but the one from Asher was just too funny not to share:

“Those silly books my sister Ryanna is always reading where guys take one look at a girl with a magic pussy and fall in love?  Raises hand.  That’s me.”

That description… hilarious

  • Asher shows some significant character growth.  He recognizes Charis’ figure isn’t his “go to” for a type, but as he realizes how deep his feelings are, he ends up re-describing her as a great beauty.  He even forces her to see herself in a new light.  I appreciated the work done on non-traditional body types.  Especially when it’s a lot easier to go with what’s easy in a romance novel.  Good on you, Deana Farrady!

My recommendation:  If you’re looking for a NSFW romance between two friends?  I’d definitely say this should be a contender.

17 thoughts on “Unfriended by Deana Farrady

    1. For reals! My husband is 5-6 years depending on who’s birthday has just occurred. It never once crossed my mind because we met in college. It wasn’t until someone pointed out that he’s my brother’s age that I took note… thanks person for connecting those dots! 🙂


      1. Damn straight! Although, I grew up with more exposure to older movies, songs and TV shows. So, usually I’m the one going ‘you don’t know what that is?? REALLY??’ … He gets so mad. Lol!! I’m fairly certain he grew up under a rock…..

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      2. Nice! I’ve always read over watching anything. I think my family frequently forgot what I looked like because I would hide in my room so much to read or practice my cello. So good for you for showing him. Get it, girl! 💃🏻

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      3. That’s the thousand dollar question right there! I have two bachelors: Cello Performance and Music Theory. I played a ton for a long time. But, due to a long drawn out story, I didn’t pursue after… not necessarily by my choice. Extenuating circumstances are awful and the classical music world is snooty. I haven’t played in several years, but since I started blogging a few months ago, I’ve been thinking about it more and more. I think this helped me tap into my creative side without the pain of not doing what I’d spent so long dreaming about. I might pick it up again. And probably be horrified by how much is suck now. 😩

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      4. I had a friend try to get into the classic music field.. Ya… Not fun! I’m super jealous though! One day you’ll have to post a video of you playing! Or just send it to me! Lol! I wouldn’t even know that you suck. 😁

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      5. Haha. The hubs is always trying to get me to play. I’ll come home, and he’ll be playing something, and I’ll be like “This is nice.” And he jumps in “It’s your Senior Recital; you should play more often.” He’s a sneaky one!

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