February Book Lover Challenge

Friends, I was hoping to do a reblog, but I’m not clever enough to find the button on Chauncey’s page, so you’ll have to bear with me on my best attempt to bring a super cute book challenge for February to your attention.  Wait, it’s hosted by a dude… so super manly book challenge?  You know what, he has kids and is pretty chill, so we’re sticking with super cute.  It’s perfectly timed with his cover release and announcing the schedule for his new book release, Happily.  I think my favorite part was all of the care taken in the Bonus Challenges.  Not sure what I’m talking about? Go to the link below, read about the challenge, and join the fun!!

Chauncey Rogers’ Super Cute #BookLoverChallenge

9 thoughts on “February Book Lover Challenge

      1. Bah! I don’t think it’s possible. If someone knows otherwise, please correct me, but all I could find were not-very-good workarounds. The issue is that I’m self-hosting, something I am growing to have rather mixed feelings about. Oh well. :/

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