Work in Progress…

I can’t believe it. I was kissing Charlie Rose. The Charlie Rose. The Charlie Rose of the It Could Only Be You number one hit from the radio. The Charlie Rose I was screaming at while he sang on stage just an hour ago. The Charlie Rose that noticed me out of thousands of people in the crowd and pulled me on stage. The Charlie Rose that invited me back to his room after the show. The Charlie Rose I’ve been dreaming about for months. And his kisses are… divine. His mouth is exactly how I imagined it. I feel his tongue along the edge of my lower lip, and open my mouth to him. Our tongues dance, and I feel my knees go weak. I reach my hands around his neck and bury my fingers in his hair. It’s damp from sweat, his performance only having ended a little while ago. I feel as his left hand leaves my cheek and travels to my waist, slipping under my shirt and sliding up my bare stomach. Fire lights on my skin as he continues to cup my breast through my bra. I feel heat pool in my center.


Did that come from Charlie? No, it couldn’t’ve because his mouth is on my neck. If it wasn’t Charlie, then where did it come from?


I crack open an eye, hoping this is all in my head. I don’t want this to end, but I’m not into show and tell. I see a vaguely familiar man leaning on the wall, arms crossed, one leg over the other with an eyebrow cocked.

I arch my back, trying to release my breast from Charlie’s grip and pull my top down.

“Who are you?!?” I can feel the reluctance in Charlie as I extricate myself from his grasp.

“Fuck off, Alex,” Charlie calls without even turning to where my attention is now glued.

My eyes pass between the two men in rapid succession.

“I’m sorry… Alex?” My eyebrows rise as I finally rest on Charlie’s face. His green eyes are dark with desire which in turn heats my blood further. No, I need to focus.  No voyeurs allowed. I decidedly shut my mouth so I don’t look like an idiot any more than I currently must and pull my gaze to the man gliding his way over to us. “You have me at a disadvantage I’m afraid.”

He sighs. “I’m Alex, Charlie’s brother.” His seeming familiar makes sense now.

“And official cock block as it were.” Charlie rolls his eyes as he draws me back to him with a tattooed arm across my waist.

I reflexively place a hand on Charlie’s strong chest, taking a moment to marvel at how natural this feels. Standing in his arms, being close to him. I shake my head to clear it. As much as I dislike an audience, I’m even less into groups. “Cock block?” I’m not sure why the best I can do is just repeating Charlie, but that’s where we are at this point.

Charlie runs his nose along my chin. “Doesn’t that word sound delicious on her lips?” I can feel his smile as he turns to face Alex. “What do you want, anyway, brother?”

“To keep you on track. You know the label doesn’t want your affinity for the locals to make headlines. Again.” He forces his gaze back to me at the last word. As if to emphasize the judgement oozing out of his pores. I know he’s been with other women. He’s a rock god for heaven’s sake.

Still, I swallow slowly, my neck bobbing with the strain of the conversation. “I wouldn’t do that. I’m not here to fuck someone for a story.”

Alex’s left eyebrow rises with suspicion. “Really.” The disbelief dripping from that one word.


Charlie chuckles. “She’s bloody brilliant, this one.” He squeezes the hand around my waist, pulling my attention back to how closely our bodies are connected. “I think you can go now, Alex.”

Having been dismissed, Alex huffs, shrugs, and walks away mumbling. “It’s your ass, not mine.”

“Thank God for that,” Charlie shouts after him.

Now that his attention is fully focused back on me, I should be ecstatic, but I can’t shake that now this feels wrong. The outside world has come rushing back and judgment is looming. I smile at Charlie.   “I’m sorry, Charlie, but I don’t think this can go further. I don’t want to cause you any trouble. And I certainly don’t want to be a headline later.”

“Goddamn Alex.” He sighs. “I understand completely. But, can I have your number? Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a total dick. I do enjoy getting to know women outside of the bedroom and would love that chance with you.”

Startled by the request, I blush and flounder. “I-I-Um-I mean sure. That sounds fine.” I scrawl my number on a hotel napkin laying by the unused coffee machine.

“I’ll have my driver help you out the back of the hotel and get you home unnoticed. Sorry for a shit evening.”

His eyes dim with disappointment. It looks familiar on him. Something he’s used to with his life not being his own. I can’t help but feel a pang of regret for him. This seemed glamorous a few minutes ago. Now it seems sad somehow. I smile and turn toward the door, his driver waiting. I glance around one last time, Charlie’s back already retreating out of the living room, and duck out of the massive suite.


I’d love to hear feedback. Thoughts? Suggestions for a title? Editing suggestions? Thanks in advance all!

6 thoughts on “Work in Progress…

    1. Hopefully that’s a good wow? I actually was thinking he wants to connect but is too busy. His brother steps in to keep her company and they connect. Making the meet cute when he caught her making out with his brother. Then (if I had anywhere near the same follow through or talent as so many of you on here) there could be another book where Charlie finds love.

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  1. This is great! The fact that you didn’t give the main character a name makes it easy to place yourself into her position and imagine the situation as if you were in it. And I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that even being enamored with Charlie’s celebrity status, she’s able to pull herself together and keep her wits about her. Mostly. ♥

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