This is fun!

So, I know I said I was going to be organic… but maybe this IS me being organic?  I’ve seen the BoocShare Read Around the World Challenge for awhile, but all I could think was: I clearly need to learn more languages.  I finally braved a look at the site, and they break it down into challenges by continent.  So I joined the North American challenge.  Feel free to check out my progress, cheer me on, provide tough love, and, if you’re feeling benevolent, suggest authors/books to help me complete the challenge.

I also set my Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge at 100 books.  In the past, I’ve never been huge into Goodreads, but am trying to be better about it.  I know leaving the reviews there as well as Amazon helps my author friends, so, I’m a work in progress.  Friend me so I can creep on the books you read and maybe steal some for myself!

Between my two challenges, that means potentially 49 of my 100 books are already accounted for!  Not sure if that’s awesome or terrifying.  2018, you’re already given me heart palpitations!  But in a good way… ??  Anyway, see below for an actual photo of me prepping for the year ahead.

Carrying Books 2

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