The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore

Ryan likes his life of solitude.  He helps spouses catch their cheating partners, and even gets a little extra payment from the attractive wives sometimes.  He checks in on his grandma, and his life is happily status quo.  Until his grandma is in an accident and starts acting crazy.  He hires a high school acquaintance to help watch his grandmother while he’s at work.  What he didn’t bargain for was her pushing him out of his comfort zone view of his family, his career, and his love life.

  • Ryan finds his way through his career struggle in an attempt to win Liz into a full relationship.  I feel like life changing decisions such as career moves should not be made for other people.  They should be made for yourself.  Maybe I’m taking the romance out of the book, but this irks me.  Declaring your love in front of your family, buying a million flowers, singing her favorite song in front of an audience, these are romantic gestures.  Changing careers could just lead to resentment.  Or maybe I should just take my jaded disposition down a notch.
  • I liked Liz in this book.  She struggles with wanting to control everything to make sure it’s perfect, but doesn’t want to be seen uptight or boring.  She ends up swinging between the extremes which feels very relatable.  Or maybe I’m just as unbalanced as she is; who knows?
  • Ryan ends up being the insecure one in how the relationship progresses.  This was a nice change of pace from the woman always pushing to DTR with a man.  I like that Liz had some of the power.

Overall, I liked the book.  The grandma is funny, Ryan sounds dreamy, Liz is fiery.  It all adds up to an enjoyable read.

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