Breakaway by Heather M. Orgeron

Ok, friends, with this review, I officially have only 10 more books I’ve read and still need to review for you.  I seriously have a disease.  Or, in the words of the hubster, “Stop reading so many f%*@ing books and you wouldn’t have this problem.”  Said with love, of course.  Out of all the problems to have in the world, a book addiction with a Kindle Unlimited subscription probably doesn’t even rank.  I’ll stop whining now and get to the good stuff.

Allie and Colton grew up together.  Literally next door.  They’ve spent their whole lives knowing they wanted more, thinking the other might want more, but never being brave enough to put themselves out there and risk their friendship.  After Allie is proposed to by her high school sweetheart, she goes running to Colton for the summer to clear her head… or is it to see if she can finally convince herself to make a play for Colton once and for all?

  • The crazy choices they make over the summer are just awful.  Necessary per romance rules, but awful.  I feel like maybe (hopefully?) real life people wouldn’t make these choices, but I’m an old married lady now, so what do I know?
  • Allie’s a little terrible, telling the beau back home she needs time to think before giving her answer to the proposal and running off to hopefully make it work with another man.  I’m not a fan of being strung along or having others suffer the same fate.  This irked me.  Man (or in this case wo-man) up, Allie, and be honest.
  • I like that the book covers both where our main characters are now, but also flashes back to when they were younger.  I think this gives the characters depth and provides more history to back up the weird choices they make in the present.
  • Colton acts like a dude would.  He doesn’t hesitate to get himself some extra woman to help him pass the time, but he also drops the flings when Allie needs something.  Despite it seeming unrealistic he would choose a girl over a bj, I actually think a guy that really loves his best friend would.  It’s weirdly romantic? Or maybe I should check myself for what counts as romance anymore.

I liked this love story.  Both are thoughtful of the other, and after getting out of their own way a little, put the other first.  That’s what real love is about.  For my romance lovers, I’d give it a read.

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