Royal Baby Maker by Nora Flite

Gigi needs a new job.  She likes dogs, so she feels reasonably confident she can fill the role for the dog walker position posted in the paper.  Until she shows up and meets Bishop.  Not only is he terribly irresistible, but he’s a prince with a directive: create an heir or lose his inheritance.  Now Gigi’s brain, and body, are working in overdrive.

Full disclosure, after about 5 weeks of misery and dragging my feet, I finally went to the doctor and found out I have an ulcer… how does this impact you?  Well, over the next several days you’re going to see reviews for comfort reading.  And with me, we know that means love stories.  Apologies in advance if they aren’t your thing, but when you can’t sleep and kind of wish you could remove your own stomach, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.  So how was this book?  Kind of awful…?  Let me explain.

The writing isn’t terrible.  The plot makes sense, the characters follow the expected tropes.  We get our happy ever after.  BUT, I feel like there was almost no time spent explaining the royalty piece.  It was kind of a weird after thought.  Bishop could’ve just as easily been Christian Grey level rich and the story would’ve worked just as well.  Also, Gigi knows Bishop for a hot minute before she’s totally on board with being his baby mama.  That felt weird, even for me in my “I just want happy love stories at any cost” kind of mood.  Maybe I’m too feminist for my own good?  Abs and tattoos just aren’t enough for me to open my womb for business.

Overall, I kind of wish I passed.  I’m sure there was a more believable romance novel out there to help numb my stomach acid pain.

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