House of Royals by Keary Taylor

Alivia Ryan is used to scraping by and living with only herself to rely on.  One day she receives a message that not only outlines who her long lost father is, but that he’s passed and left her a fortune and a southern mansion.  Liv moves down to her new home and life in Silent Bend, MS.  After she settles in enough to go for an evening stroll, she’s attacked by a vampire and saved by Ian, Silent Bend’s premiere vamp killer.  Her and Ian fall in love as she discovers she’s to be the Queen of Silent Bend’s vamp community.  Liv now has a life full of details she never knew were real, and a love life now being killed by the undead.

  • Liv doesn’t seem quite shocked enough about the whole “vampires exist and you’ll be one after you die.”  She does express some incredulity about it, but I feel like this information would take over my entire brain for a LONG time.
  • The town seems resigned to vampires.  They hole themselves up in their houses at dark and that’s that.  They don’t discuss the vampires, save one random party the vamp’s throw that everyone attends each year.  This seems like it would be a HUGE topic of conversation in a small, southern town.
  • Rath, her curmudgeonly house manager, is adorable.  He’s quiet but loyal and I really like him.  He seems so sweet and like there’s something there that pushes him to do everything he can to ensure Liv’s safety.
  • Ian and Liv are so cute.  They don’t jump into bed right away, and discuss the whole “I’ll be a vamp and you kill them” thing and how it affects them.  I like that they confront this issue rather than the whole “let’s not worry about it ever” thing that happens in some stories.
  • There are vampires of all ages.  Obviously, some have been undead for a long time, but unlike Twilight, there are some super old ones that died from natural causes and now are just old for life.  I enjoy that the book isn’t filled with pretty people.  It seems more realistic that way.

This is book one of a long series.  I have Kindle Unlimited and this one was free through that.  Despite the cliff hanger clearly intended to entice me into purchasing book two.  I’m not sure I think there’s enough storyline here to go on for another 8 books.  It was definitely a good “free” read, but I don’t know that I’ll ever be hooked enough to drop Harry Potter levels of cash on the franchise.

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