The Crown Prince by Amber Burns

Meghan thought her Christmas would be filled with a vacation with her fiance, James.  Too bad she found him in bed with another woman.  Now she’s off to Miami, refusing to let James ruin the expensive trip, and hoping she can forget him while she’s there.  Trouble is, it appears the house she rented already has an inhabitant.  The delicious and aggravating Demetri.  Should she bail on the whole plan?  Work to annoy him into leaving?  Just tough it out and maybe have a rebound fling?  Meghan’s about to find out that plans don’t always work out the way you imagined, but somehow work out anyway.

  • Demetri is your typical royalty bad boy.  He doesn’t want the responsiblity.  This felt too easy at first, but as the story continues, you get to meet his dad and see how they interact.  The book offers some surprising character growth for the shirtless man fixing his hair on the cover.
  • Meghan doesn’t seem all that broken up about the affair.  She definitely is at first, but it really seems to drop off rather quickly.  I get love at first site, but doesn’t lingering love from the week before factor in at all?
  • Meghan refuses to give up on her own life, even leaving to go back to it when it seems like things work out.  I really like that she doesn’t wallow too much, but dusts herself off to keep going.  Yay women!
  • The story is outlined as a Christmas romance.  I honestly feel like it’s in name only.  There’s not a ton of Christmas in the book.  Which is fine.  It’s still a fun read, just not sure why it pigeon holed itself into the holiday romance department when I think it could stand as a good read any time of year.

We know I love formulaic happily ever afters.  That’s exactly what this is.  Plus a prince, so there’s that too.  For all my dreamy love story lovers, I’d say this is for you.

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