Rise of the Storm by Carrie Summers

Yay book two of The Broken Lands series! If you need to catch up, no shame; you can read my review of book 1, here.

In book two, we follow Savra as she acclimates to being part of Stormshard and helps them plan their raid on Kostan to overthrow the Empire. Savra not only fights with her father and his group, she fights her feelings in her inner struggle to find the right thing to do. Is Kostan really behind these atrocities she hears about? Is he the man she thought he was when they met in Joran? Without getting to see him again, she won’t know. Unfortunately, the facts she’s receiving aren’t falling in his favor.

  • So we know I didn’t love that Kostan and Savra met for all of a day and seemed totally stuck on each other in the first book. It continues to seem even more unlikely that either Kostan or Savra would hold onto these ideas about the other so tightly after such a brief interaction. It feels a little bit unrealistic. But since I read things like Royally Shared, we know I can handle a little far-fetchedness.
  • Kostan works to save the only other surviving Scion and what he feels is his only friend but then she kind of drops out of the book. I haven’t forgotten the prediction he receives in the first book that a woman will betray him. I’ve got my eye on her and don’t love that she’s dropped from my radar.
  • Savra really grows this book. I love her inner turmoil. Obviously it feels a little weird because it’s due to her belief that Kostan is noble after barely knowing him, but her sorting through feelings definitely progresses authentically.
  • Kostan also has to grow. On the one hand he’s super naive and wants to save his empire. But he learns sometimes you have to be a hard ass to do it. He’s never overly confident in his decisions and that also feels very authentic for his situation.
  • We have less jumping around to different story tellers and I liked that we checked in with extra people, but not as often as in book 1. I think it helped the flow.
  • Finally, holy cliff hanger ending. I would not have guessed this is where the book was going but love that it did. Carrie Summers through me for a loop again. I really love that she continues to do this.

My advice? If you’re looking for a good series, I’d give The Broken Lands a try. It’s not finished yet, but the two that are out have me waiting very impatiently for more installments.

3 thoughts on “Rise of the Storm by Carrie Summers

  1. This series sounds good, but I have to wait for the final book so I can binge-read the whole thing without coming up for air. Thanks for the review and recommendation, Michelle. Sounds like it’s worth the wait. 🙂


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