Fiance on Paper by Nicole Snow

I’m terrible, you guys.  I swore I would write about the books I’ve already read… but I only ended up reading more.  I WILL do better.  Starting now.

Maddie was the quiet new girl who ended thrown into a private school.  She doesn’t fit in and has somehow caught the attention of the school’s resident troublemaker, Alex AND the school’s most popular flirt, Cal.  That year changed the lives of several of her classmates and she just wants to move on.  Too bad Cal decides to cash in the favor she owes him and forces her to face all of the ugliness she desperately wants to leave behind.

I thought this was going to be a “basic” cutely romance novel, I was pleasantly surprised by how solid it is.  The book goes between Maddie and Cal’s point of views as well as mixing in present day and flash backs to tell the story from both ends.  It was a delightful surprise when I was expecting something more traditional.

The mystery of what occurred during Maddie and Cal’s senior year definitely holds up throughout the book.  I’m not saying you don’t kind of know what happens, but figuring out the details does prove a little more difficult to pin down.

Cal is cocky and gets himself in hot water with Maddie more than once.  I appreciated that she walked out on him when he got out of line, but didn’t love the whole “knight in shining armor” bit playing out a few different times.  Get it together, Maddie.  Women can handle their own shit!

All in all, I really enjoyed this book.  I’d definitely check it out… ya know, if I hadn’t already.

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