Royally Shared by Madison Faye

Ok, in all honesty, I shouldn’t’ve been surprised by the type of book this was.  But in my defense I kind of expected Until Midnight to have a li’l somethin’ somethin’ from the cover and it didn’t.  Anyway, if you thought Fifty Shades was pushing the envelope, steer clear of our friend Madison Faye.

Royally Shared follows innocent Julia as she embarks on a new job to be a personal assistant to a prince.  Her getting the job felt like a long shot, but upon receiving the news, her best friend, Emma, convinces her to go out for an evening “on the town.”  Basically, everything that follows is her hooking up with multiple men, multiple times.

  • There’s not a lot of plot.  Girl gets job, girl hooks up with two guys at the same time, all involved have to do some soul searching to see how they feel about each of the group.  And by soul searching, I mean repeated touching of naughty parts.
  • Although the book is clearly just a vessel for sexy times, there was some plot, and I was disappointed that they rushed through the ending.  There was conflict on who would end up together and then also Julia’s ex-boyfriend popping up, but those all get tied up in like 5 pages.  I get it, it’s not sex, but some of us like the plot.
  • The book embraces non-traditional relationships.  Julia is a “traditional” girl, or at least felt she was until her “group activities.”  Ultimately, she was open to new experiences.  Although I’m not sure group sex is for all of us, we could probably be more open minded in all areas.

I honestly don’t have a ton to say about this.  The whole thing left me a little speechless.  *insert anyone who knows my tendency toward rambling eyes widening here*  If you’re looking for something in the “mommy porn” genre, I would say this is a book for you.  As for a recommendation?  I’d skip.  The version of this on Kindle Unlimited had additional books in the download, and I didn’t read them.  I’m not a prude, but I prefer a little more substance in my reading.  Excuse me while I go fan myself from reliving the experience.

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