The Christmas Groom by Taylor Hart

Ok, friends.  I have been MIA for WAY too long.  There was a business trip, then some wicked acid reflux that mimicked stomach flu.  BUT, my pain means your gain.  I’ve read a bunch of books I’m going to try and get reviewed over the next few days for you.  Warning: It’s the Christmas season.  We know I love cheesy romances, so expect 80% of them to follow in one of these two veins… or both. 🙂  Starting with: The Christmas Groom.

Nathan Pennington is a rich bachelor who has it all, except for love.  He decides to hunker down to experience another Christmas alone by distracting himself with a skiing vacation prior to visiting his Hollywood brother for a couple of days.  While skiing he’s run over (literally) by a mysterious woman who he then finds selling ski-ware.

Storm is an Olympic Silver Medalist that was crushed when a knee injury ended her skiing career and her long time boyfriend cheated on her.  Now her life is further thrown upside down by her Grandfather leaving her land that she can only inherit if she is married by Christmas, only weeks away.

  • To start, the story is cute.  Definitely holiday.  But it feels a little blah.  I think Nathan is supposed to be somewhat of a scrooge from the family history they share, but he’s too caring from the get go.  It kind of feels like there’s no character development at the end.
  • Nathan helps sell Storm’s products and is a big shot business guy, but they don’t really explain what he does?  He has a team of lawyers at his disposal, but I don’t think that he’s a lawyer?  It feels a little like Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother.
  • Moving on: the build of tension is nice.  The way both feel definitely comes through as they get to know each other.  I love living in that “I like you, do you like me?” feeling… as long as I’m not the one wondering for myself.  I think the story does a good job of getting that feeling in there.
  • There’s a happy ending!  We know that’s 100% of the reason I read these.  The plot lines are not usually award winning, but I like knowing what’s coming.  And this definitely provides that comfort.

All in all, it’s an ok book.  I read this one because I read The Christmas Boyfriend by Taylor Hart (to be reviewed tomorrow).  I’d say choose The Christmas Boyfriend and maybe stop there.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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