Work got weird…

So today I’m on site with my customer at a meeting.  A decision gets made (not important other than it really made no sense) and there are action steps that require follow up.  That’s where I come in.  I call my boss to explain everything and get stuff in the works asap because the customer is getting impatient.

Me: *explains decision*

Boss: “That makes no sense.”

Me: “I know, but that’s what was decided”

Boss: “Wouldn’t *describes much easier solution* be easier?”

Me: “Yes, but I went through that with them and they’re not flexible.  They want to go with their decision.”

*Various versions of this continue for several minutes*

Boss: “Wow, I just got a flash of a really uncomfortable feeling trying to wrap my head around this.  It’s like my underwear is too tight.  And now I just realized it’s like this every day for you.”

Me: *blinks blankly at phone* “That’s an eerily apt description of my day… and usually in front of at least 6 people at any given time.”

Hope everyone else’s day was delightfully uneventful!  Happy Hump Day!

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