So, I NEVER thought of myself as a “pink girl.”  I played sports growing up like my sister did, though I was never near as talented.  And then when I drifted to music, we always wore black for concerts.  Now that I’m a grown ass person, I get to buy clothes with colors.  One, it was hard at first to stop buying black because I was so used to it, but two I didn’t realize until just now… I think I AM a “pink girl.”

There’s nothing wrong with pink or girls that love pink.  I think the feminist in me just feels weird as I sit here wearing a baby pink sweater, listening to my rose gold iPhone in a Kate Spade gold and pink polka dot case with it’s gold and pink polka dot back ground on my rose gold headphones, singing along with my bright pink lipstick covered lips.  Sorry feminist me… you just have to get used to the fact that feminists can wear pink too.  How’s your Thursday going?  Anyone else experiencing weird and unnecessary identity crises? 🙂

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