Ethan by Susan Ward

I have a problem.  Maybe I need a 12 step program.  We all suffered through my reading/review of The Half Shell Series, so why did I read another Susan Ward book?!? I’m not sure, but this one was better!  I swear!  There were twins involved.  You can’t say no to hot twins.  This is my only defense. *sigh* Moving on!

Technically Ethan is also part of a series (The Sand and Fog Series) but it is a stand alone book as well.

  • It does reference some stuff that clearly could use more explanation and must be in the other books, but they don’t distract too much from the story.  I hate when books in a series explain every single thing that happened in the previous books.  It’s like, I read it.  For those that didn’t, make them invest in this like I have.  Thanks.  So it’s a wash on that part.
  • The twin part is a little misleading.  I thought there was going to be an epic twin-off for a girl.  Kind of, but more in the “hiliarious misunderstanding” type of way and less of the “cave man battle” way us quiet reader girls secretly love.  That’s just me?  Oops!

There were some ways this book redeemed the other series!  Seriously, I’m obsessed and need to stop.

  • Ethan Manzone (main character from the title) is Chrissie Parker and Alan Manzone’s son.  He references at one point how he dreads advice from his mom because it takes half a day and never makes sense anyway.  Seems super realistic for a son to think, and from reading the other books, it’s totally on point.  Love!
  • There’s less sex involved.  We all want a little somethin’ somethin’ when reading these. Not even denying it, but I don’t want it every other page so that I can’t follow the story for sex.  Thank you for adding just enough this go ’round.
  • Character growth! It’s hard to get something like this in a quick read, but Ethan learns some stuff about himself.  He owns his shit and starts to work through it.  *Swoon*

All in all, I have no idea why I was willing to read another Susan Ward book, but I’m super glad I did.  This one was a winner.


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