Privileged by Carrie Aarons

I’ll admit it… I read a book series that made me think too much, so I grabbed this as a palette cleanser.  The cover is cute, the description definitely implies we’re going to get your expected romantic storyline arc, and I was right.

Nora Randolph moves to London with her mom after her mother falls in love with English royalty.  She’s shoved into a world of wealth, status, and everything new.  This includes the group of popular kids that seemingly have it out for her.  We follow her as she falls for the ring leader of this privileged group, who’s dead set on ruining her.  Too bad for them both that sometimes love just doesn’t work the way you planned.

Ok, so this definitely wasn’t Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but there still wasn’t a ton I would change about this.  The book played to it’s intended audience and I love that it was what it it promised to be, so in a break from the norm, I’m jumping right into the “loves” about this book.

  • Nora tries to be strong, but like any normal high schooler has doubts and freak outs.  I really enjoy that she’s not some ideal that is unrelatable.  All of us want to get sucked into a story, and keepin’ it real allows us to do that.
  • Asher really is the perfect mix of British bad boy and English gentleman as described in the book.  All of us bookish types live for the day a hot guy would drag us on a dance floor, kissing at our neck.  It was innocent enough for high school but still hot enough for the genre.
  • The happy ending also seemed as plausible as being the adopted daughter of a random English noble who met your mom after a broken down car in small town PA.

Final recommendation: If you’re looking for deep reading or meaning in your life, take a pass.  If you’re looking for a fun love story, open/download the story today.


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