Words Unsaid

There’s just something that needs to be said.  I wish I knew what it was; the words that would calm the storm of feelings.  I wish that there were words, or that they’d find me soon.  Not even words that are my own.  Ones that could be read and adopted would be fine by me.  The search continues.  If you find them, please share.

10 thoughts on “Words Unsaid

  1. Isn’t it the most frustrating feeling in the whole world??? When you know you NEED TO LET OUT ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE BEEN HIDING under a cloak of emotions BUT YOU JUST CAN’T FIND A WAY TO PHRASE THEM?!! Ugh….I have felt that way before. I know EXACTLY how you must be feeling. People may not understand and think we are just over reacting BUT THAT IS SOOOO NOT THE CASE. 😭

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