The Girl of Diamonds & Rust by Susan Ward

This is book three of four in a series.  Read the other book reviews here: Book 1, Book 2, Book 4

Book three of The Half Shell Series still with a name that really doesn’t relate to the series for me.  We follow Chrissie as she encounters another totally plausible hardship from how she behaved in book two that helps her reignite and deepen her relationship with Neil.

  • I still super hate Chrissie.  Like roll my eyes because everything is so hard even though she barely passed college because she didn’t feel like trying, and now can’t decide if she should follow her boyfriend on tour or go home to daddy.  Note that she doesn’t consider caring for her self like a grown ass person.  Seriously, I hear you. Why did I read these?  I’m still not really sure, but I just HAD to find out what happened to her… like maybe someone would call her on her shit and I would die happy.

Moving onto the loves more quickly, because I love Neil and I think everyone is sick of hearing about my love/hate relationship with Chrissie.  I hate her, but I still read about her.  So.  Many.  Pages.  About her.

  • Neil Stanton is the kind of nice guy that I truly believe exists out there, but always gets shit on by people like Chrissie.  He’s so sweet and loves her and puts up with a ton, but holds steady on the course.  I kind of wish for his sake he’d have walked away, but we’ve all been there with a person you know you shouldn’t want, but you still do.
  • Chrissie also has this dilemma with Alan.  He’s her shouldn’t but she does.  She actually makes the right choice a couple of times.  Woah.  Maybe that’s enough to make the storyline unbelievable.  Ha.  You have to read it to truly understand my depth of hatred for the main character.  BUT she does earn herself some points by finally living in what is and not what she wishes or in the land of non-decisions.

Yay happy ending!  I kind of wish the book had ended here.  The twist in book four is decent.  I definitely didn’t see it coming, but there were hints.  But I just love Neil and Chrissie in the space they get to, that I want to curl up in this space and live here.  *contented sigh*

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