A Bride for the Betrayed Earl by Bridget Barton

If I’m being totally honest, this one was a palette cleanser, so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to judge it the way I usually would?  I had a professor in music school who always said “You can’t judge basketball by the rules of baseball.”  Touché, Dr. Budds; who knew that advice would be appropriate for so many facets of my life.

As a palette cleanser, I would say. “Yay. You did a good job!”

As a Historical Romance, I’d say “I’m not sure it was all that historical other than super formal dialogue and houses that are named.”

Still, the story line was nice, even if it was predictable. And it had a happily ever after which is all I really wanted.  So in the spirit of my History of Opera professor, thank you Bridget Bardot for a happy ending when that’s all I wanted.

Does anyone else out there have a favorite palette cleanser? Or “easy” read they’ve enjoyed?  I’d love to hear about them.

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