The Girl Who Dared to Stand by Bella Forrest

Ok, I finished book two in The Girl Who Dared to Think series.  I’m so sad to say that this book didn’t really meet my expectations after the first in the series…

We continue our journey with Liana, Grey, and her band of misfits trying to sort through their journey to work through the stifling presence of the Tower, their home and would be prison.  They struggle to come to terms with

Soooo, on to the list of things that could be better…

  • They broke the 4th wall… again… We get it; you’re trying to humble brag that you’re different from some of the more overused romantic setups… except you do and then call it out when you steer away from them.  It’s less cool when you have to call out how cool you are.
  • When did Quess’ personality change?  I feel like his over zealous flirting introduced randomly was not only out of the blue, but used to create drama via sub-story.  It was unnecessary and stopped basically as quickly as it started.
  • Liana and Grey – there’s a love story here… kind of?  There’s hardly any attention paid here.  It’s mentioned so little that when Quess went into hard on bar creeper, I kind of hoped for a change in love interest just to jump start this line within the book.

Onto happier thoughts, things I loved…

  • The end of the book was exciting.  Lots of action that allowed people to work together and left your heart racing.
  • I like Leo.  I kind of wish him and Liana could end up together??? I know this loops back to the weirdly neglected Liana/Grey relationship or maybe I’m just odd.  You’ll understand more once you’ve read this.  I can’t say a ton and keep my no spoilers promise.

Summary: It seems like more lines are being introduced without any being resolved, just kind of dropped.  It makes me sad because I was so excited.  The third in the series comes out Nov. 6.  I’ll read it because I’m in to deep to not see how this ends (we’ve all been there with a series), but in all honesty, if you haven’t started the first book, I’m not entirely sure I would after reading the second…

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