Heart of the Empire by Carrie Summers

I’ll start by saying this: I’m so sad book two isn’t out yet.  For those of you deciding if this book is for you, it’s about a young girl, Savra, who’s  whisked away to help hide her newly discovered talents from the Empire.  While she’s traveling, we also meet Kostan, one of about a dozen people born to possibly be the next emperor.  We also meet some other various characters, some that support the Empire, some want to overthrow it, some want to use Kostan or Savra for what they can provide.  As always, there are a few things I would’ve loved to see be a little bit different.

  • Savra and Kostan feel an instant connection when their paths cross.  While I get the love at first sight thing, the situations they’re both working through would lead them more to being wary of others, in my opinion.  Obviously this connection plays out later in this book (and I’m sure in the ones to come).
  • Savra’s bracelet of friends.  We still don’t really understand a ton about them.  They’re obviously in the story to help Savra learn her magic skills and be a sounding board as she works through dangerous situations, but I wish we had more to go on as to why they would have agreed to be trapped in a piece of jewelry for eternity.  Maybe I’m just being impatient and all will be revealed later.

Now, for the best part, the stuff I loved.  I have to say, I haven’t had this much of a book hangover since I read Elise Kova’s Air Awakens Series (which I’m still debating re-reading because I can’t get it out of my mind).

  • Summers jumps through different viewpoints.  We see chapters from both of our key players as well as some side characters.  I love seeing things progress through different eyes.  While I think the number of perspectives may border on too many, I think it shows great skill that Summers writes with that many different voices and still keeps the story cohesive.
  • It’s not predictable.  I mean, on a super high level, it kind of is, but that’s more comforting than boring.  In this you’re not sure who’s good and who’s not; who’s dead and who’s not.  It’s refreshing to be surprised multiple times by the same thread within the larger story.
  • The prediction that Kostan will be betrayed by a woman.  Who is the woman?!?  I have spent more time than may be healthy thinking through this one.  I have my opinion on who it might be, but for anyone else who’s read this already, PLEASE let me know your thoughts in the comments.  The hubster doesn’t read so I have no one to fangirl about it.

Long review short, loved the book, am dying for the second.  If you like fantasy, this definitely covers that.  If you like a good adventure story and are ok with things like magic, this definitely covers that.  If you just like well written books that are exciting, this definitely covers that.  What I’m trying to say is: you should read this.

13 thoughts on “Heart of the Empire by Carrie Summers

  1. This sounds good. I like cohesiveness and unpredictability and the multiple povs don’t bother me at all. In fact, I find them interesting. The only downside would be waiting for the next in the series to come out. 😦

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  2. Her friends WILLINGLY went into the bracelet? WTF??? ;P AND I agree, the love at first sight can turn out to be GREAT IF DONE PROPERLY without overdoing it BUT MOSTLY, it just attracts eye-rolls, won’t you agree? BUT I AM INTRIGUED BY THE PLOT AS YOU HAVE DESCRIBED IT AND CAN’T WAIT TO READ THIS…….uhhhh…..(hopefully) delightfully ridiculous book. xD xD


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    1. Thanks! Yeah. I can quite enjoy a love at first sight story… I think time will only tell if this story line ends up enhancing or deterring from the rest of the series. Too bad we have to wait for the next book. 😢 I’m not the most patient girl. 🙂

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  3. I’m with RAIN on this–super curious as to why she’s got people’s souls trapped inside her jewelry. Whatever else comes of the series, they’d better provide a good explanation for THAT particular oddity! :O

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    1. So far they’ve been helpful and there’s an explanation for why it helps her but still not why it had to be them that did it. Hopefully they’ll fill in that last piece of the puzzle before the series’ end.

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